Zoom Security Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


You can take several different actions to secure Zoom meetings. A host can control/disable chat, use waiting rooms, require password, or lock the meeting once started.


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Is Zoom safe to use?

In the vast majority of cases, including meetings and online learning, yes. Zoom's user base skyrocketed to over 200 million people in the wake of COVID-19. It was inevitable that security vulnerabilities and bugs would be discovered due to this added scrutiny. Such is the case with virtually all software! The only relevant concern is whether a company acknowledges reported issues and takes appropriate steps to fix them, or not. Zoom has done an admirable job of addressing and mitigating concerns as they come to light.

What is Zoom Bombing?

Zoom Bombing is a term to describe when unwelcome attendees join a Zoom meeting and wreak havoc. As with security issues, news reporting on this topic has been somewhat misleading. "Zoom bombers" are not hackers; they are simply joining Zoom meetings being run with overly-permissive settings. In some cases, students have shared meeting information online with pranksters. Zoom bombing can be made more difficult or prevented by making changes to default meeting settings.

Which Zoom settings should I change?

At a bare minimum:

Additional steps you may wish to take:

Many of the above features are built into Zoom's toolbar as of version 5. This article provides a quick overview of the new security icon.

What else can I do?

  • Update your Zoom software when it prompts you. This ensures you get the latest bug fixes and security enhancements.
  • Distribute an "expectations for appropriate behavior" document to your classes. Encourage proper etiquette, such as staying muted during lectures or refraining from using distracting or offensive virtual backgrounds.
  • If a participant is causing serious disruptions (directly or indirectly), file a complaint with appropriate authorities.



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