2021 Summer Classroom Refresh Information


This article describes the overall scope of IT's 2021 summer classroom refresh project.


Several items mentioned in the project notes were delayed due to supply chain issues. These include Albers screens, document cameras, and Alter LIstenpoint replacements. These items are on track to ship/arrive in September with installation date TBA.


In this article:

Project Overview

This project has two main objectives to advance the state of Xavier's classroom technology:

  • Revive the Summer 2020 refresh, previously canceled due to COVID-related financial concerns. This refresh concentrated on various straggler rooms as well as Cohen Center, which is also undergoing extensive renovation by Physical Plant this summer.
  • Replace Alter Hall's Listenpoint assistive listening systems, as these have reached functional end-of-life. A full refresh of Alter Hall is currently planned for 2022, financial situation permitting.

Start/End dates

Project start date is May 10, with an estimated completion date of August 9. The bulk of installation activity will occur in early July through August.

Changes for 2021

  • BYOD. Refreshed classrooms follow Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) standard set in 2014. Laptops are required for display in BYOD rooms. Labs and Specialty rooms relying on dedicated PCs for unique functions will either retain them, or receive upgraded models as needed.
  • Solstice wireless display. Solstice allows any user to present wirelessly to a projector or screen. As the default display option, it can accommodate the widest variety of devices. Lecterns will also include HDMI and mini DisplayPort cable connectors.
  • Lampless projectors. Existing projectors will be upgraded to Panasonic laser light-source models for superior longevity and image clarity.
  • Document cameras. Permanently-mounted Epson DC-21 document cameras are installed standard in most refresh classrooms.
  • New lecterns and recessed screens. Existing 42" height lecterns will be upgraded to new 36" models, in accordance with campus standards. Projection screens not currently ceiling-recessed will be replaced by recessed models, wherever existing infrastructure allows.

Room list

Single Display Rooms

  • Albers 103
  • Armory 1
  • Armory 2
  • Armory 3
  • Cohen 5
  • Cohen 143
  • Cohen 162
  • Cohen 165A
  • Cohen 167
  • Cohen 168A
  • Cohen 168C
  • Cohen 170A
  • Cohen 173
  • Cohen 187
  • Cohen 192
  • Cohen 193
  • Cohen 194
  • Cohen 195

Dual Display Rooms

  • Albers 107
  • Cohen 14
  • Cohen 35
  • Logan 100

Conference/Seminar Rooms

  • Cohen 142 (new construction)
  • Fenwick Henretta-Murray Conference Room

Labs/Specialty Rooms

  • Albers 203
  • Albers 207
  • Albers 302
  • Albers 303
  • Albers 307
  • Cohen 146a
  • Cohen 190
  • Logan 101

More information

Classroom Technology staff present several orientation sessions during "CTE Pedagogy and Tech Boot Camp" held in August. Dates and times will be announced by CTE as summer approaches. Our staff are always available for individualized training by request.

Please contact Classroom Technology if you have additional questions regarding this project. 



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