"Easy Access" Authentication with the Authenticator App

Microsoft has developed a feature that allows for easy access into our applications that authenticate through Azure (including Office365, Banner, Canvas, Unimarket, VPN, Slate, EAB, TeamDynamix, and Transact).  Rather than logging in with a password, you will be presented with a 2 digit number after entering your username.  Your Authenticator app will prompt you to enter the number that appears on your login screen.  Upon entering the number into the app, you will be logged in without the need for additional multi-factor authentication.  This is entirely opt-in.  You can try this out and revert back to password and multi-factor authentication should you prefer that.  Note: due to differences in phones and versions, these instructions could slightly vary from your experience.

To begin the setup process:

1.  Open your Authenticator App
2.  Select your Xavier University account from within the app
3.  Select 'Set up phone sign-in' and 'Sign in without a password' as seen below.  Note: some phones/versions might say 'Enable phone sign-in' instead

4.  In order to proceed you will need to setup a screen lock or biometric, if you do not already have this configured.  You will need to press 'Continue' and follow the setup prompts if these are not configured.  To complete the setup process, you will need to enter your Xavier password.

5.  You will have successfully completed this process when you see this 'Passwordless sign-in enabled' on the home screen of the Authenticator app

6.  The next time you sign into an application that authenticates through Azure (Office365, Banner, Canvas, Unimarket, VPN, Slate, EAB, TeamDynamix, and Transact), you will be prompted for you username first.  Click Next.  At the password, prompt, in the lower left corner, select 'Use an app instead'

7.  Upon selecting 'Use an app instead', you will be given a two digit number to enter into your Authenticator app.  The Authenticator app will send you notification to enter the code seen on screen.  Upon entering the code, press Yes.

8.  Once you have gone through this process once, your browser should remember that you prefer to use this sign-in method, instead of using your password in conjunction with multi-factor authentication.  Note: logging in with an incognito window will result in normal password/multi-factor authentication

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