Retiree Technology Expectations

As a retiree, you can expect to have the following technologies available to you:

  • You can keep your Office 365 email address if it remains in use and complete your annual cyber-security training in October.
  • Your account will only have access to web versions of Microsoft Office (Outlook Web, Word, Excel, Power Point, etc.). Installed versions of Office365 on your personal devices will cease to function.  Your mailbox capacity will be reduced to 50GB, and OneDrive will be reduced to 100GB due to Microsoft licensing changes.
  • You will continue to have other basic Office 365 suite features, such as Planner, OneNote, and Teams for Education.
  • You will be able to login to a computer on campus
  • You will be able to login to library technology resources
  • You can receive support from the Xavier IT Service Desk in relation to the above technologies.

To keep your retiree account, you must abide by the following terms:

  • You must return your Xavier technology equipment. Your computer is not available to purchase.
  • Your account is used per the Acceptable Use Policy. It may not be used for business purposes, promoting functions that are non-university sponsored, etc.
  • You will remain enrolled in multi-factor authentication.
  • You must keep your account secure, as outlined in the User Account Policy.
  • Your account must remain active. If your account has not been accessed in over a year, it will be disabled, purged, and cannot be reinstated.

Information Technologies employees cannot assist with suggestions on personal devices, technologies, hardware/software troubleshooting, backups, data transfers, etc.


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