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Student Email Account Retention

Retention of student email is determined by the student's academic status at Xavier:

  • Students who graduate from Xavier (effective May 2014) retain their email accounts for life. Per licensing policy, alumni do not retain access to other Office365 services (such as an installed copy of Microsoft Office, OneDrive, SharePoint, etc). Effective June 3 2017, alumni accounts will be transitioned to an alumni license type. It is highly recommended that alumni download anything saved into OneDrive or SharePoint prior to this date.
  • Students who do not graduate from Xavier retain their email accounts up to 12 months from the date they stop taking classes. After that period, the account is irrevocably purged from the system.
  • If a student who stops taking classes chooses to re-register and take classes at a later date, a brand new account will be created as part of the re-registration processes. Contents of any former Xavier email account will not be retrievable.

Xavier's full policy on user accounts can be found on the Xavier website.

The above items are only applicable to email account access. After dropping out or graduating, a student's access to other Xavier systems may be restricted. 


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