Securing Mobile Devices

Many of us are reliant on phones or tablets to assist us with a variety of tasks throughout the day. While people take the time to secure their laptop, they sometimes fail to realize that much of the same sensitive information resides on their mobile devices.
Here are some tips to help you secure your mobile device:
  1. Always lock your device with a passcode or pattern. Using the default "swipe to unlock" feature is the equivalent of leaving your home's front door wide open! Instructions for enabling device security for iOS and Android are available.
  2. Set your device to automatically lock after a very brief period of inactivity. This ensures your device will remain secure in case of theft or loss.
  3. Be aware of physical surroundings when using your device in public. It's possible for bystanders to "shoulder surf" and observe sensitive info on your screen.
  4. Keep your device's software and operating system updated. Updates ensure that hackers have a tougher time exploiting security holes and bugs.
  5. Enable tracking software to help find a lost or stolen device. Such software can not only locate your device, but also secure or erase it, if stolen.
  6. Don’t click on unsolicited links in text messages or emails. Verify the sender first, via phone or in person.
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