Articles related to information security topics.

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Adding Microsoft Authenticator To An Already-Enrolled Account

This article explains how to add Microsoft Authenticator as a new method to an account that has already enrolled in MFA.

Cautionary Banner on Emails from External Senders

As of March 10, 2020, emails from external senders will include a cautionary banner

Gift Card Spear Phishing Scams

Online scammers will attempt to scam you into buying gift cards for them. This email explains the scam, so you can avoid it!

International Travel Guidelines

A summary of IT and data security concerns while traveling Internationally.

Minimum Data Safeguards Standard

This document describes the actions necessary to secure and protect university- owned data classified as Public data, Internal Use data, Confidential data, and Export Controlled data.

Office365 Approved App Integrations

Office365 apps with permissions to your data

Office365 Removed App Integrations

Office365 apps being removed, with permissions to your data

Reporting Phishing Emails via Phish Alert

Phishing emails can be reported within your email client with just one click!

Stolen or Lost Employee Laptops

What to do if an employee laptop is either lost or stolen.

Unable to Install Microsoft Authenticator on Mobile Device

Microsoft Authenticator requires a relatively small amount of space for installation. You will need to clear enough to allow the installation.

Updating Operating Systems on Personal Computers

This article explains how to check for updates to Windows and Mac personal computers.