"This app has been blocked by your system administrator" when installing software

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While installing a program, you receive an error dialog similar to this:

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This error is in fact a legitimate protection Xavier has implemented against malware installation.  This policy prevents installers from unzipping files directly to the AppData folder, a common malware target.


If you are getting this error while trying to install a legitimate program, you can use 7zip to extract the installer's individual files to a separate folder outside of AppData, then run the installer from within the extracted folder:
  1. Right-click on the software installer.
  2. Choose 7-Zip >> Extract to "<folder name goes here>" As an example:

  3. Open the extracted folder. Inside, there should be an installer (usually a .msi or .exe file) among the files listed.
  4. Run the setup or installer within the extracted folder, and the process should complete without further errors.
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