Using Respondus Lockdown or Respondus Monitor in Canvas

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Lockdown Browser vs Monitor

  • Respondus LockDown Browser is a custom browser that locks down the testing environment in Canvas. When students use LockDown Browser to access a test, they are unable to print, copy, visit other websites, access other applications, or close the test until it is submitted for grading. Tests created for use with LockDown Browser cannot be accessed with standard browsers.
  • Respondus Monitor is a companion application for LockDown Browser that uses webcam and video technology to prevent cheating during online exams. Respondus Monitor integrates seamlessly with Canvas, and is ideal for non-proctored/remote testing environments.  

Getting started - students

To get started:

  1. Download and install the LockDown browser either within your Canvas class, or directly from Respondus.
  2. Consult the introductory student video and quick start guide to quickly orient yourself on the installation process, completing a webcam check for Monitor etc.
  3. If you are having issues not addressed in the above materials, please review the Obtaining support section.
LockDown Browser is not compatible with Chromebooks. A Mac or Windows PC is required.

Getting started - faculty

To get started:

  1. Consult the quick start guide on how to set up a quiz using Lockdown Browser or Monitor. A video demo of the process is also available.  Respondus Rapid Rollout Instructions.
  2. Register for a live Respondus training webinar. The webinars are about 45 minutes, with an extended Q/A session. They are an amazingly effective way to quickly get up-and-running!
  3. When ready to incorporate Respondus, be sure to allow students a practice exam with Respondus Monitor to ensure their computer, webcam and Internet are working properly. Allow students multiple attempts on the quiz so they can try it whenever their device or networking environment changes.
  4. If you are having issues not addressed in the above materials, please review the Support options section.

Support options

Technical support for Respondus products is provided directly by the vendor. A FAQ sheet, live chat and ticketing support are all available:

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While using Lockdown Browser on a Lenovo 11e (the typical Xavier student loaner laptop model), the integrated camera (webcam) may unexpectedly quit or be undetected by Lockdown Browser. This can be prevented or fixed by changing the camera's driver.