Copying/Pasting Images from the Photo Roster into Word

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When pasting a picture into Word from a browser, Word will use the image’s web location by default.  This means that the document doesn’t really contain the image, just a reference to where it is on the web.  This is problematic for the photo rosters since you must have permission to view the images, and since Word doesn’t “log you in”, you will see the access denied image.

Pasting a single image from the Photo Roster into Word

  1. In your web browser - Right click on the image, and select either "Copy" or “Copy Image”.
  2. In Word, click the paste drop down from the “Home” ribbon and choose “Paste Special”
  3. On the dialog screen that shows up, choose “Device Independent Bitmap” and select OK
  4. You should now see the image in Word as you expect.  You can also use the keyboard shortcut for Paste Special, which is Alt + Ctrl + V.

Pasting multiple pictures into Word from Photo Roster

The easiest way to paste multiple pictures is to save the photo-roster page locally and then copy from there.  By saving locally you get a local copy of the pictures which Word will copy directly into the document instead of trying to access them via their web location.
  1. Save the page locally from the browser by choosing File->Save As.  This will create a local htm file and a folder containing all the resources (including images) for that page.  You may want to rename the page when saving since the default name is not very descriptive.
  2. Open the locally saved web page.  If you get a message indicating that some pictures didn’t load, you can ignore it.  There are scripts that run on the page that do not work when viewing locally.
  3. You can now copy/paste or drag and drop from the local copy of the page directly into Word.


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