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Pinned Article IT Service Desk Options

This article explains the modified Help Desk and Classroom Tech office hours, as well as changes made to support during COVID-19.

"Action Item Processing" Dialog Box in Banner During Student Registration

This dialog is prompting you to update portions of your record and must be completed before you can proceed further.

Alternatives to Hoonuit/Atomic Learning

Hoonuit has been discontinued effective June 2020. This article offers alternatives to Hoonuit for online training.

Capital IQ Login and Support Information

This article briefly describes Capital IQ and its support options.

Setting Up Authorized Payers for Student Tuition Bills | Parent / Guardian Payment Access

This article provides step-by-step instructions for students on how to set up their parents or guardians as authorized payers for their tuition bills. By designating authorized payers, students can grant their parents access to view and pay their educational expenses, ensuring smooth and secure financial transactions within the educational institution's billing system.

Xavier One Pass Mobile ID

This article discusses support scope and information for Xavier One Pass Mobile ID.