Using Lenovo System Update Utility


This article describes the process for using the Lenovo System Update software utility. 


Computer systems may periodically need a driver or other hardware-specific software update. 


This is the process for running the Lenovo System Update utility and applying the suggested updates. This requires a connection to the internet (home or work are fine, as the download will come from Lenovo).

Please do the following steps:

  1. Close all other programs and applications.
  2. Confirm you are connected to AC Power or Docking Station
  3. In the lower left of screen, in the “Type here to search” field type system update. Select Lenovo System Update from the list of results. The program will start.  
  4. The program will start and provide a System Update Welcome screen. Click Next.
  5. The program will search for and download available updates.
  6. If prompted to update the System Update tool click OK.
  7. Lists of available critical, recommended, and optional updates will be displayed in 3 tabs. On the "Critical", "Recommended", and "Optional" tabs, check the Select All check box at the top of the screen to select all the updates. 
  8. When prompted to download the updates, Click Download
  9. When prompted to restart your computer, click Yes
  10. The updates will begin downloading.
  11. You may be required to restart to complete the process.
  12. When you reboot and log on after step 11, if there are remaining pending updates the System Update tool will launch and continue. This is sometimes necessary if there are multiple updates requiring reboot and/or updates that cannot be installed simultaneously. In this case just continue following the on-screen prompts.



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