Connecting to Network Drives with Windows 10

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To manually map network drives, follow this process:

  1. Double click the This PC icon on your desktop to open it.
  2. Click on the Computer tab within this window. Click the Map network drive icon.

  3. Select a drive letter from the pulldown and type in the appropriate folder path as below:
    • R:\          \\file.xavier.local\departments
    • Q:\          \\file.xavier.local\collaboration
    • X:\          \\file.xavier.local\facstaff\username  (Note: X:\ drives are not provided to new employees. They should use OneDrive instead)
  4. Check Reconnect at Sign-in. Click Finish
  5. If connecting from a non-Xavier PC or using a VPN, you will be asked for Xavier credentials. Log in using the format xavier\yourusername as the username.  If you simply type your Xavier username, the login will be rejected, and you will see a screen similar to the one below. If this happens, click Use another account and attempt logging in again using the correct format.

  6. Repeat for all other drives you need access to. Your network drives will be listed under This PC >> Network Locations:

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