Connecting to Network Drives on a Mac

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To connect a network drive on a Mac:

  1. From the Finder's Go menu, choose Connect to Server.
  2. In the server address, type your destination. For example:  smb://file.xavier.local/collaboration (See table below for reference)

  3. Click Connect.
  4. When prompted, enter your Xavier credentials and click Connect.  

    If you are connecting from a non-Xavier computer, you will need to login using the format xavier\yourusername as the username. If you simply supply your Xavier username, the login will be rejected. Also, you must be connected to the VPN in order to access the drives from off-campus.

  5. The folder (eg, Collaboration) will mount as a drive icon on your desktop. Double-click it to access the drive contents.
  6. When you are finished using the drive, unmount it by right-clicking on it and choosing “Eject <name of drive>“ from the menu.

Several key destinations are listed below with their Windows letter equivalents. Click the " + " symbol to the right of the mapping to add a path to your list of "Favorite Servers". This will allow you to quickly select the drive from the Favorite Servers list in the future.

 Windows Drive Letter  Path to use on Macintosh
 Q:  smb://file.xavier.local/collaboration
 R:  smb://file.xavier.local/departments
 T:  smb://file.xavier.local/academic
 X:  smb://file.xavier.local/facstaff/username  (Note: X:\ drives have been replaced by OneDrive)
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