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Pinned Article Connecting Computers, Tablets and Phones to Xavier Wireless

This article describes the setup process for connecting to "xavierwireless" on commonly-used devices.

Pinned Article Connecting to Wired Network in Residence Halls

Residents can connect to the Xavier network using one of two available ports on their room's Cisco Access Point.

Accessing SpectrumU Streaming Service

SpectrumU is Xavier's streaming cable service, available on mobile, web and Roku devices.

Cannot access wireless in Dana Apartments

1019 Dana does not utilize the Xavier network for internet service. You will need to contact the service provider or ResLife for assistance.

Checking voicemail remotely

Voicemail can be accessed by dialing (513) 745-4321.

Conference Now Audio Conferencing

Conference Now, formerly known as MeetingPlace, allows you to hold an audio conference with over six attendees.

GlobalProtect VPN is Connected Yet Resources Remain Unavailable

Refreshing the VPN connection will resolve most of these issues.

Making International Calls Via Office Phone

To dial out internationally, dial 9 and then the full number (including country code)

Manual Configuration for xavierwireless in Windows 10 & 11

Manually creating the xavierwireless profile in Windows

Missed Calls Not Displayed on Cisco Phone

This issue can be resolved by making a change to the phone's settings.

Unable to See or Connect to Xavier Wireless Access Points

If Xavier wireless networks fail to display appears on a Windows-based PC, outdated wireless drivers may be the cause.

Xavierwireless setup refuses to run on Windows 10

Certain versions of Windows come with "S mode" which prevents running apps from outside the Microsoft Windows App Store. Turning off S Mode will allow the installer to run.