Consumer Wireless Devices in the Residence Halls

Household and consumer wireless devices do not support the authentication process used by ‘xavierwireless’.  Therefore, they must be connected to the 'Xmisc' network with a security key.  However, some devices are designed around being on a household network to operate properly, and do not work well on a large campus network where thousands of devices are connected at one time – and one device is trying to find one another to send data to it.

Devices that are known to work

  • Gaming Consoles
    • PlayStation 3/4
    • Nintendo WiiU/3DS, Nintendo Switch 
    • Xbox (all models)
  • Smart Home technologies
    • Amazon Echo
    • Apple Homepod
  • Streaming devices
    • Amazon Fire Stick
    • Apple TV
    • Roku
    • Smart TVs/BluRay players with built-in apps for YouTube, Netflix, etc.
  • Devices that connect directly to the internet for content delivery. 

Devices that are known NOT to work

  • Wireless Printers (any type) – Please turn off its self-broadcasting network to alleviate speed and connections problems for others in your area.  Connect via a USB cable instead or use our printer stations at 
  • Devices that require an app on your phone to configure or control it. Examples of such devices:
    • Google Chromecast and other Google home devices controlled by your phone
    • Vizio SmartCast TVs
    • WiFi speakers (i.e. SONOS) 
    • Smart Plugs
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