Turning Off Wireless on Personal Printers

Most personal printers broadcast wireless networks that interfere with Xavier's wireless network. If your floormates have wireless printers that are broadcasting a signal, you will experience intermittent WiFi connectivity issues, slowness, and disconnects​​​​​. Talk to your neighbors if you see that they have such printer and encourage them to turn its wireless functions off.

Due to the wide variety of consumer printers available for purchase, listing individual model instructions is impossible. The following are common guidelines applicable to many models:


  1. Press  Settings >> All Settings >> Network.
  2. Press  or  key to choose WLAN.
  3. Press WLAN.
  4. Press  or  arrow key to choose WLAN Enable.
  5. Press WLAN Enable.
  6. Press Off.
  7. Press .


Press and hold the RESUME/CANCEL button then release the button when the POWER lamp flashes 12 times.  On some models, go to Device Setup >> LAN Settings >> Disable LAN


Use the menu to navigate to Setup >> Network >> Wireless Radio (on some models, this is located towards the bottom of the scrollable menu). Turn the Wireless Radio OFF.  This may also be located in the control panel under Wireless >> Settings.


If you need any additional assistance disabling the wireless on your printer, please open a ticket at services.xavier.edu. Be sure to include your printer make and model in the ticket description.
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