Resnet Ethernet Data Jack(s) Not Working

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If you are in Brockman, Kuhlman, and Husman Halls, please see this article first.


  1. Are you plugging into a valid, available Ethernet jack? 

    • There are "legacy" jacks which were once used for landline phones. If your Ethernet cable is plugged into one of these, it will not work. 

    • If you are in Brockman, Kuhlman, and Husman Halls, please check this article. In other locations, Ethernet jacks are disabled until a request is made to activate them. To do so, please enter a ticket

  2. If your Ethernet adapter features physical activity lights, are they lit up/blinking? 

    • If yes, the jack is not dead and you should be pulling a valid IP address. 

    • If no, there is possible a problem with either your Ethernet cable, your computer's network card, or the walljack. Try to isolate the issue by testing with a known-good cable and/or laptop.

  3. Have you ruled out your Ethernet cable as a potential problem? Check for kinks, broken clips on the connector, or visible tears in the cable. Any of these could cause a connectivity issue.

  4. Is your wired Ethernet adapter disabled? If your Ethernet adapter is disabled, the connection definitely will not work. To enable a network adapter using Control Panel under Windows 10, follow these steps:

    • Open Settings.
    • Click on Network & Security.
    • Click on Status.
    • Click on Change adapter options.
    • Right-click the network adapter, and select the Enable option.

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