Wired and Wireless Connectivity

Please consider the following before making requests or reporting issues in this category:

Wired network connectivity

  • In all university buildings, including residence halls, data jacks are activated upon request.
  • Some residence halls have wall mounted Cisco access points.  The network jacks on the bottom of those can be used for connectivity.

Wireless connectivity

  • In residence halls, connect to the xavierwifisetup network. From here you will be redirected to http://wifisetup.xavier.edu, which will automatically configure most devices to connect wirelessly. For smart TVs, gaming consoles, and similar consumer devices, submit a Xmisc Request instead.
  • In residence halls, the most common cause of connectivity issues are rogue wireless devices which broadcast their own networks. These include wireless routers, wireless printers, and other devices that broadcast their own unique wireless networks. Please use this form to report any such devices in your area.
  • In areas outside residence halls, students and employees can configure devices for xavierwireless by first connecting to the xavierguest network and launching http://wifisetup.xavier.edu from a web browser.