Xmisc Network Request

Effective Summer 2019, registration is no longer required! Input the key below. You only need to submit this form if this key fails to work on your device.

Xavier University's 'Xmisc' wireless network is used for gaming consoles, Apple TVs, and other household/consumer devices that do not support WPA2-Enterprise (802.1x) The preshare-key used to join this network is: non802dot1xdevice

Devices that support connecting to 'xavierwireless' should use the WiFi setup tool instead. Submission of this form is unnecessary for such devices.
To submit this form, you will need to supply the MAC address of your device. The MAC address is commonly listed under a network settings menu.  If you need further assistance finding the WiFi MAC Address, perform a Google search for "[device] [model] MAC address" to get more precise instructions.



  • Wireless printers are not supported on Xmisc, as they cause connectivity issues in residence halls. We advise that you connect personal printers with a USB cable and turn off its WiFi radio.
  • If you notice a wireless printer in your device's list of available networks, that printer's interference will create connection and speed problems for those in the area. Ask your neighbors if WiFi is disabled on their printers. If you cannot determine the source, report it to ITWe want you to have the best wireless experience by removing interference from 'xavierwireless' or 'Xmisc' networks.
  • Personal WiFi routers are prohibited due to the interference and connection problems they create.
  • Nintendo Wii is not capable of connecting to our wireless network; ​it requires a 1Mb/s data rate to connect, which has a negative impact on other wireless connectivity. You will need to purchase a 'LAN Adapter' to connect a Wii to the wired network jack in your room.