Accessing Banner via the Employee Hub

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Accessing Self-Service Banner

  1. Navigate to the Employee Hub at
  2. Click on Self-Service.

  3. Enter your Xavier credentials and click the Login button.


Accessing Administrative Banner

Administrative Banner is now platform and browser independent, meaning that you can access Banner from virtually any device using any of the most common browsers.  Banner works most efficiently with Chrome and Firefox.  While Banner is compatible with Internet Explorer, it is not recommended unless you are a user of the Banner Document Management System (BDMS). VPN access is still required to access Administrative Banner from off-campus.

  1. Navigate to the Employee Hub at
  2. Click the Systems icon.

  3. Click the "Administrative Banner" link.
  4. Authenticate using your Xavier credentials.
As you finish with Administrative Banner or Self-Service, you should sign out of those services as applicable. When you're fully done or leaving the computer, close all browser windows (and quit the browser if its menu bar is still visible) to prevent new sessions from being started without your password. This is particularly important if other people have access to your computer.


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