Adding a Toshiba MFD Printer to Mac OS

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Before all else, confirm the machine is connected to Xavierwireless or a valid campus wired network connection

PaperCut Confirmation

  1. Open Finder
  2. Go to Applications by clicking Applications on the left pane. Alternately you can look to the top of the screen, click Go, choose Applications
  3. In Applications you should find a PCClient application. This confirmation that the PaperCut client is installed

Print Queue Name

  1. If you need to find the queue name you can browse for it using a Windows PC.
  2. Click in Type Here to Search (lower left of screen on taskbar)
  3. Type in \\XVPCPRINT\ and hit enter
  4. This will reveal an alphabetical list of print queues. You may wish to switch the View to the Details mode for clarity
  5. Make note of the print queue the end user wishes to install. This is case-sensitive so please make note of the exact upper & lower case settings
    • These are based on the pattern of Building-Name_Location-within-Building_Optional-Printer-Type ; for example Schmidt_105_Color would be the color Toshiba MFD printer in room 105 of Schmidt Hall

Add Printer to Mac OS

  1. Open System Preferences
    • This represented by a gear icon on the Mac OS dock at bottom of screen or by clicking the Apple in the upper left of screen and choosing System Preference.
  2. From the Printing control panel add(+) the following printer
  3. Select "IP" from the three choices in the top of the window
  4. Use the following values
    • Address: xvpcprint.xavier.local
    • protocol: Line Printer Daemon - LPD
    • Queue Name: <whatever the queue value is>
      • For example, Schmidt_105_Color
      • NOTE: this is case sensitive and must be exact
    • Name: <whatever the queue value is> 
      • NOTE: This is only seen by you, so enter what you need to identify the printer
    • Location: <whatever the queue value is>
      • NOTE: This is only seen by you, so enter what you need to identify the printer
    • Use: TOSHIBA MonoMFP (for black & white) or TOSHIBA ColorMFP (for color printers)
      • Choose "select software" and start typing the word "Toshiba" to get this driver list
      • Note: For Color Printers. they may see "ColorMFP" or simply "Toshiba Color" depending on the driver set on the machine
      • NOTE: If present DO NOT SELECT "TOSHIBA MonoMFP-X7"
    • Select "ADD"
    • Accept the defaults on the "setting up" window and click "OK".
  5. The new printer will now be visible in the list of printers

Test Print

Please ask the end user to do a test print to the newly installed printer.


Make a second instance of the same color printer, but choose the TOSHIBA MonoMFP driver instead. Name this instance as Monochrome or Black & White to distinguish it from the color driver instance of the same printer.

The PaperCut system charges all prints using the Macintosh TOSHIBA ColorMFP driver at the color cost rate - without regard to the actual content of the document being sent. This is a work-around for that issue.



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