Articles related to printing on-campus.

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Adding a Toshiba MFD Printer to Mac OS

How-to add a Toshiba Multifunction (MFD) printer to a Xavier-issued Macintosh.

Adding Toshiba Printer / Copier to Xavier issued Windows 10 computer

Toshiba copiers can be added to Xavier-issued PCs via \\xvpcprint.

PaperCut Client Printing with Shared Accounts (ORGs)

These notes will show the process to add or select an ORG and how to print from a computer with the PaperCut Client installed and using shared accounts (ORGs).

Printing to a Public Printer from a Personal Device

Documents can be sent to any public/lab printer release station using Papercut web printing.

Recycling and Exchanging Unused Toner Ink

Unused printer toner can be turned in and redistributed to those in need elsewhere on campus.