Canvas Course Copy Request

Use this to request to copy course content from one Canvas Course to another Canvas course.

Please provide the name of the person requesting the course copy and any preferred contact method (if none is specified, e-mail will be used).  Also provide the Course Codes of the course with the content (Course From) and the Course Code of the course receiving the content (Course To).  The Course Code is listed above the left navigation bar in Canvas and is of the format 201509-ABCD-100-01 (term code, subject code, course number and section number).

Use the Description box to provide any additional information.

Find more information about Canvas and teaching in and using Canvas at If you need further assistance using Canvas, please contact Canvas support via the Help menu within Canvas or directly at 855-778-9967. They can be reached 24/7.

********************************* PLEASE NOTE *************************************

Requested copies will be completed within THREE WORKING DAYS of the initial submission. Please submit your request EARLY to ensure the course is ready on time. When your Canvas course is created, access is limited to the instructor only. Remember to publish your course when you have completed your initial course material entry.

Your students will be automatically enrolled in your Canvas course. You do not need to process any students who subsequently drop the course.

Please make sure the course duration dates are correct as well. If you want to give students access before (or after) the scheduled start (or end) date, these must be changed. To update, go to Settings in your course navigation menu. Select "Edit Course Details". Click on the calendar icon next to the Starts (or Ends) boxes to edit the dates. Next, check the box below the dates that indicates "Users can only participate in the course between these dates". If this is not checked, the default date remains in effect. Lastly, click the blue "Update Course Details" button at the bottom of the screen to save your new dates.

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