Canvas Local Accounts Request

Local Canvas accounts can be created if needed for individuals participating in a class who are not Xavier University faculty, staff or students.  Note that these accounts ONLY work in Canvas (not in other associated systems like Zoom or EvaluationKIT) and they should NOT be requested for those who already have Canvas accounts (all current Xavier faculty, staff and students).  If you need an account with more universal access, please use the Non-Xavier Affiliate Account Request at

To request these accounts, click on the "Request Local Accounts" button and complete the form.  The course code should be the course in which these accounts should be enrolled.  For requests for one or two accounts, the full name (described below), email address and role can be put into the description box.  For 3 or more accounts, please attach an Excel spreadsheet to the ticket by clicking on the "Browse" button in the "Attachment" field near the bottom of the form.  This spreadsheet should have 3 columns with the following information:

  1. Full Name (note that the system will assume that the last "word" in the name (the text to the right of the rightmost space) is the last name - so for names with two last names, use a hyphen or remove the space to have the second to last treated as the beggining of the last name)
  2. Email address
  3. Role (usually Teacher, TeacherNotEvaluated, TA or Student)

If the list contains students, a new section will be created for the course and all these accounts will be added with the requested roles to that section. If the list contains only Teacher, TeacherNotEvaluated and/or TA roles, they will be added to the main section of the course.

These requests can take up to a week to process.

Request Local Accounts


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