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Using the Fax Server

Information Technologies maintains a fax server, which can serve as a complete replacement for your fax machine.

Inbound Faxing: Any campus fax number can be redirected to the fax server, which will receive the fax. It converts the fax to a Adobe .PDF file, and then emails the file to you.  The fax server can send this to one or more recipients.  If you would like to have this setup, please submit a request.  Please be sure to include your fax number, as well as the email address(es) that it should be sent to.

Outbound Faxing:  You can send an outbound fax from your email through the fax server.  The content in the body of the email will be placed onto the cover sheet, and attachements (i.e. Word, PDF documents, etc) will be subsequent pages of the fax. i.e. A document could be Scanned to Email, and then forwarded via the fax server to send a fax. The email to the fax server is formatted as [phone#]@fax.xavier.  Note: will not work - it must simply be @fax.xavier.  The phone number would be entered the same as how you would dial from an on-campus phone.  Examples for the To: address would be:
Internal Fax: 1234@fax.xavier
Local Fax: 91234567@fax.xavier OR 95131234567@fax.xavier
Long Distance Fax: 91xxx1234567@fax.xavier
International Fax: 9011[country code+number]@fax.xavier

Once a fax has been sent, a confirmation message will be emailed to you as well as placed into the Q:\Fax folder.  You can also check this folder for a .PDF confirmation file.  The confirmation page contains no preview content of the fax, only the fax sending details -  From, To, Date, Time, and Pages.

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