Nursing Videoconferencing with Zoom Rooms

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This article is aimed at Nursing Videoconferencing faculty and students. If looking for general help on Zoom, consult the Related Articles instead.



Zoom Rooms is a software-based audio and video conferencing host. Zoom Rooms hosts meetings for remote attendees joining from other Zoom Rooms, or a computer/mobile device.

A typical Zoom Rooms class session:

  • Faculty start a meeting by "inviting" the remote sites, via the classroom touchpanel.
  • Students outside a Zoom Room join the meeting via the Zoom App.
  • Faculty can optionally initiate recording via the touchpanel.
  • Content can be shared by anyone in the meeting, provided the Zoom App is installed on their laptops.
  • Faculty end the meeting when class finishes. (this also terminates any recording in progress)

Connecting to remote sites

To start the class, use the touchpanel to select remote sites:

  1. On the touchpanel, tap the Zoom icon to launch the Zoom Rooms interface.

  2. Tap Meet Now. You will see an "address book", with available Zoom Rooms remote sites sorted at the top.

    meet now screen

  3. Tap on entries for all remote sites you wish to bring into the meeting, then click Meet Now. All your selected sites will be pulled into the meeting.

    meet now screen


Zoom-only remote participants

Off-site participants not in a remote Zoom Room location can connect to the hosting Zoom Room, using the Zoom App.

Step 1 is a one-time setup for the participant. After that, only step 2 is required:

  1. Prior to first class, download and install the Zoom Client for your platform. Performing a self-test Zoom meeting in advance is highly recommended.
  2. Click the appropriate link to launch the Zoom client and join the hosted meeting:

Volume and video controls

Volume and video controls are accessible via the touchpanel, including:

  • Mute (click once, tap to resume)
  • Stop Video (click once, tap to resume)
  • Camera control
  • Volume slider (this controls the incoming audio level)


Recording a class

To record a class in progress:

  1. On the touchpanel, tap Start Recording.

  2. Enter the email address you would like the recording link sent to, and click OK to begin recording.

  3. To stop recording before your meeting ends, tap Stop Recording. Otherwise, recording stops when you tap Leave >> End Meeting for All.

For more information on sharing completed video recordings with students, please contact the Digital Media Lab.

Sharing content

To share the contents of your device's screen during a meeting, do the following:

  1. Install the Zoom app on the PC you intend to share content from, if it is not already present.
  2. Launch the Zoom app.
  3. Click the Share screen button.

  4. Your desktop contents will automatically be mirrored to the room display.

If the above method does not work, try this instead:

  1. On the touchpanel, tap Share Content or Camera.
  2. Launch the Zoom app on the device you intend to share from.
  3. In the Zoom app, click Share Screen and enter the Sharing Key (which should be overlaid on the classroom's displays).
  4. Click the Share button to share the content.

Ending class

To end a class, follow these steps:

  1. From the touchpanel's Zoom interface, tap Leave.

  2. Tap End Meeting for All. This will disconnect all participants from the Zoom Room and end the meeting, including any recordings in progress.


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