Unable to See or Connect to Xavier Wireless Access Points


A Windows-based laptop fails to display any Xavier wireless networks as being available while in the HUB or certain residence halls. However, these networks display as available when the same laptop is used in other locations on campus.


The HUB and certain other buildings were upgraded in Summer 2019 to the very latest Cisco wireless technologies. As a result, laptops with Intel-based wireless cards may be unable to properly detect access points if their drivers are outdated.

If your laptop does not have an Intel-branded wireless adapter, then this is unlikely the cause of your issue. You can verify whether the brand of your wireless card by checking its name listed in Device Manger under Network Adapters.


To resolve this issue, update your Intel wireless card drivers from your manufacturer's support site: 


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Wed 8/14/19 1:13 PM
Sun 8/18/19 5:49 PM

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