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Creating a Strong Password

A strong password is an important protection to help your Xavier account, and the information that you have access to. Hackers are interested in gaining access to your account for both malicious purposes, such as stealing data, and for profit, such as selling your account to someone interested in sending SPAM from it.  Avoid using personal information in your password, such as your name, birthday, etc.  

Any novice hacker can easily find out your full name, the names of your spouse or children, your pets, or your favorite sports teams. 

Xavier enforces the use of strong passwords by requiring that your password is more than 8 characters long, mixed case, and containing a number.  Mixed case, numbers, and symbols widens the character set of choices to be guessed, greatly reducing the likelihood of a password cracking program from guessing it, and increasing the overall strength of your password.   Strong passwords can be created so that they are easy to remember by using one of two approaches:

Approach #1 - Easily remembered passwords can be created from simple sentence, or from a variety of unrelated words (favorite food, animal, etc).

  • Add some numbers to meet the complexity requirement:
    • Kids2play soccer, or Pizza 8 labrador
  • Use shorthand or intentionally misspell a word for even greater complexity:
    • Kids2play soccr, or Pizza 8 myLabz

Approach #2 - Easily remembered passwords can be created from the mnemonic of a simple sentence.  This can even be favorite line from a movie, song, or book:

  • "This little piggy went to market" might become "tlpWENT2m" using best practices for mixed case and numbers
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