Card Account Changes

Click on the "Account Changes" button to download Page 2 of the P-Card Application Form to request any account or limit changes. These changes can consist of changes to cardholder's name, phone number, Xavier email, or the default FOAP. Email all completed forms to Accounts Payable at

Instructions for a P-Card increase (to be done on the application sheet)

  • Select "OTHER" at the top and write in Credit Limit Increase
  • Fill in the Cardholder's Name in top section
  • Credit limit requested amount and indicating if this is Permanent or Temporary with dates
  • Cardholder's signature
  • Have the cardholder's assigned Final Approver sign off in the Final Approver section showing their approval of this increase
  • Email the completed for to to be processed. A confirmation email will be sent once processed

Click the "Exceptions Request" button to submit an approved purchase exception.

Exceptions Request Account Changes


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