Adobe Acrobat Reader/Professional

You have three choices to access the version of Adobe Acrobat with editing features.

  1.  We have a method to access the current version of Adobe Pro. If you go to there is an "Adobe VDI" offering. Logging into that will give you a virtual desktop with the current release of Adobe Pro and you can use that to edit, create, etc. You would need to save to OneDrive, R: drive, or external flash drive as this is a virtual system.
  2.  Your department may purchase an Adobe Pro subscription. Request a quote for an annual license; which is roughly $130 per year as of January 2024.
  3. We can install the old 2015 version of Adobe Pro, which may have incompatibility with PDF files that were created with the latest version. This version of Adobe Acrobat is no longer supported by Adobe. The program may not work with the most current operating systems. Your computer needs to connect to the VPN or Xavier campus network for the automated install. Request the software here

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