New Employee Technology Request

Service Description

This service is used to fulfill all of the technology needs of a staff member prior to their start date, such as ensuring that they have a computer, appropriate network drive access, as well as a phone and voicemail.  Full time faculty and staff are provided with a computer upon the start of their employment per the computer replacement policy.  If Banner access is required, and Administrative Access Request must be completed.


Faculty and staff.

Service Levels

Requests will be completed within 7 business days.  Requests may not be ready by the employee's start date unless provided sufficient notice.


In the case of network drive requests, designated "folder owners" must first authorize access for individuals to R:\ and Q:\ drive folders. In cases where there is not a designated folder owner, supervisors, directors, or above positions will be asked to authorize the request. Per the computer replacement policy, adjunct faculty and part time positions are not allocated an individual workstation of their own.  Shared workstations and phones will be provided.

Request Service


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