Account Login and Access

Managing your password, account, system access and network drive/share requests

Services (9)

Password Reset

Forgotten Xavier password or locked out account issues.

Microsoft MFA Issues

Assistance with multi-factor authentication apps or service.

Network Drive/Share Request

Request access to shared folders on network drives.

New Employee Technology Request

Request technology setup and services for a new employee - computers, account access, and phone/voicemail.

Restore Network Files/Folders

Request restoration of deleted/missing files or folders on network drives.

Non-Xavier Affiliate Account Request

Request special accounts for individuals that are not faculty, staff, or students.

Local Admin Access Request

Request administrative rights to a Macintosh or Windows-based computer.

Network Drive/Share Issues

Issues relating to accessing files/folders on network drives/shares (Q:\, R:\, T:\, X:\, V:\).

Other Account and Access Issues

All other account and access issues not falling into the listed categories.