Mac Wifi Randomly Stops Working

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If your Mac laptop randomly drops from Xavier wireless networks, one common cause is that the Mac connects to wireless networks in a certain order based on a list in the Network preference pane. If your topmost wifi network listed is something other than Xavierwireless, the Mac will attempt to join those networks rather than Xavierwireless.

To fix this, adjust Xavierwireless so that is your topmost preferred wifi network:

  1. Click Apple Menu >> System Preferences >> Network.
  2. Select AirPort, then click Advanced. 
  3. Click and drag the Xavierwireless network to the top of the preferred networks list.
  4. Click the Apply button and close the window.


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Fri 6/12/15 9:17 AM
Thu 6/18/15 11:17 AM