Resnet Ethernet Data Jack(s) Not Working

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If you are in Brockman, Kuhlman, and Husman Halls, please see this article first.


  1. Are you plugging into a valid, available Ethernet jack? 

    • ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​There are "legacy" jacks which were once used for landline phones. If your Ethernet cable is plugged into one of these, it will not work. 

    • If you are in Brockman, Kuhlman, and Husman Halls, please check this article. In other locations, Ethernet jacks are disabled until a request is made to activate them. To do so, please enter a ticket

  2. If your Ethernet adapter features physical activity lights, are they lit up/blinking? 

    • If yes, the jack is not dead and you should be pulling a valid IP address. 

    • If no, there is possible a problem with either your Ethernet cable, your computer's network card, or the walljack. Try to isolate the issue by testing with a known-good cable and/or laptop.

  3. Have you ruled out your Ethernet cable as a potential problem? Check for kinks, broken clips on the connector, or visible tears in the cable. Any of these could cause a connectivity issue.

  4. Is your wired Ethernet adapter disabled? If your Ethernet adapter is disabled, the connection definitely will not work. See this quick tutorial on how to check for and fix this issue.

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