Exploring the Windows 10 Start Menu

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The Windows 10 Start Menu has a new look, compared to the traditional Windows 7 menu. This article explains some key components.

Most Used Apps

Programs in this area will change as you use your computer more. Windows will learn what programs you use the most, and they will be automatically added to this area.

Pinned Apps

This area contains your pinned apps. Pinning apps can be one way to quickly access the programs you use frequently. 

  • To unpin an app, right-click the app and click on Unpin from Start.  
  • To pin an app, right-click an icon on your desktop or in your Start Menu and select Pin to Start.
  • Pinned apps, also called tiles, can be resized or moved within the Start Menu. Simply click and drag apps to move them into new positions/groups. Right-click a tile you wish to resize and select one of the sizes under the Resize option.

Power Menu

By clicking on Power, you are given the option to shut down, restart, or put your computer to sleep. To sign out of your account, click on your account name at the top left of the Start Menu and select Sign out.

Task Menu

Windows 10 includes the Task View button in the taskbar designed to help you switch between your open apps/programs easily. Clicking the Task View button will layout a preview of all your open apps from which you can select the one you would like to work in. This can also be accomplished by pressing the ALT + tab keys. If you would like to disable this feature, right-clicking on the Taskbar will give you the option to uncheck the Show Task View Button option.

All Apps

By clicking on All apps, you are shown a list of all the apps installed on your computer. (This was previously called All Programs in the Windows 7 Start Menu)


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