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This article provides IMAP and STMP settings for those who wish to use unsupported clients to check their Xavier email.
Phishing emails can be reported within your email client with just one click!
Employee accounts are disabled based on the last day worked, as entered in Banner. Student account retention is determined by the student's academic status at Xavier.
This article explains how to forward email in Outlook Web App.
This error is caused by emails being sent too quickly in too short an amount of time.
Outlook Web App allows you to manage email sync access to your mobile devices.
Clutter is a feature that learns what emails are less important to you, and moves them to a separate folder.
This error is a "bounce" notification generated when a sent message does not reach the recipient.
This is a benign "error" that can be resolved accepting the prompt.
This error is caused by incorrect network settings.
This article describes how to set up a signature for Outlook web-based email.
Online scammers will attempt to scam you into buying gift cards for them. This email explains the scam, so you can avoid it!