Setting Your Password for New Students/Employees

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If you were just issued a Banner ID, please wait 12-24 hours before attempting these instructions.

Your Xavier account is automatically created with an initial username and password.
The initial password consists of your 9-digit Banner ID + Capitalized first letter of your birth month + 2-digit date.
For example: If your Banner ID was 000456789, and your birthday was May 9th, your initial password would be: 000456789M09.

To set your own password, proceed to Password Manager ( and complete account setup by following these steps:

  1. Login to the Password Manager with your username and initial password.
  2. Select  My Questions and Answers Profile to setup security questions.  These can be used to unlock your account or reset your password if you have forgotten it. 
  3. Select Manage My Passwords to change your initial password.
If you do not know your username or Banner ID and you are a student, please contact your Admission Office (listed below). If you are an employee, please contact Human Resources at (513) 745-3638 or


Admission Offices

(877) 982-3648


(513) 745-3360 
800 344-4698 ext 3360


+1 (513) 745-3301

Transfer and Adult Undergraduate

(513) 745-3301
(877) 982-3648

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