Making Ad-Hoc Telephone Conference Calls

If your call requires more than six participants, use Conference Now to create conference calls instead. See the Related Article section for more information.

About Ad-hoc conference calls

Ad-hoc conference calls are initiated from Cisco IP phones. They are limited to six or fewer participating phone lines, including the conference call initiator’s phone line. When you create an ad-hoc conference call, you are the initiator. When the initiator of the conference call disconnects, the conference call is terminated. If the initiator does not wish to participate in the conference, they should either place the conference on hold or mute the call.

Creating Ad-hoc conference calls

Option #1: Conference initiator calls participants

  1. During an active call (not on hold), press the MORE soft key button.
  2. Press the CONFRN soft key button.
  3. Dial a new conference participant’s number.
  4. When the call is ringing, press the CONFRN button again.
  5. Repeat steps 1-4 to add more participants.

Option #2: Join calls that are already on your line with one call active and a second call on hold

  1. Using the arrow keys on Screen Navigation key, scroll to the call that is currently on hold.
  2. Press the MORE soft key.
  3. Press the JOIN soft key. (The two calls will be joined on one phone line, and all parties - including you - will be placed into an ad hoc conference.)

Add Incoming Calls to a Conference

  1. Answer the incoming call. (Note: The conference will be placed on hold. Conference participants will still be able to talk to each other.)
  2. Using the arrow keys on the Screen Navigation key, scroll to the conference that is on hold.
  3. Press the MORE soft key.
  4. Press the JOIN soft key. (The incoming call is joined to the conference)


  • To see who is participating in a conference, press the CONFLIST softkey.
  • To join a call on another line to the conference, press the JOIN soft key and then press the flashing green button of the other line. 


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