Adding a Xavier Network Printer to Windows 10

If you are attempting to add a Toshiba multi-function printer, please consult the directions listed under the "Related Articles" section instead.

To add a networked Xavier printer, follow these steps:

  1. Make sure the computer used is both Xavier-issued and connected either to a wired ethernet connection or the "xavierwireless" access point.
  2. Near the  menu, place your cursor in the search field.
  3. Type "add a printer" into the field.

  4. In the menu that appears, click on Advanced Printer Setup.

  5. A window will appear populating a list of network printers, grouped by building name/location/model. The vast majority of IT issued printers have a label indicating the printer name and IP address. Reference these labels if you have multiple printers in an area and are unsure which is which. 

  6. Click on the printer you wish to add, and then click Next.

  7. Windows will download the necessary driver files for the printer. You should be presented with a dialog indicating this was successful. You can make this printer your default by checking the Set as default printer box; otherwise leave this unchecked. Click Finish to complete the process.



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