Manual Configuration for xavierwireless in Windows 8

1.  Hold the  key down while pressing the “X” key.  A menu will appear in the lower left corner. Select Control Panel.

2.  In Control Panel, verify Large Icons is selected in “View By “ field, (if not, select it from the dropdown menu), then select ” Network and Sharing Center”.

3.   In the Network and Sharing Center window, select “Setup a new connection or network”.


4.  In the Setup a Connection or Network window, select “Manually connect to a wireless network” then click “Next”.

 5.  In the Manually Connect to a Wireless Network window populate the fields as shown below then click “Next”.


 6.   Select Change Connection Settings.

 7.  Verify settings as pictured below then click on the Security tab.

 8.  Verify settings as below and click the Settings button.

 9.  Uncheck the “Verify the server’s identity by validating the certificate” box. Verify the rest of the settings as pictured below then click the Configure button.

 10.   In EAP MSCHAPv2 Properties window, verify that the checkbox is not checked then click OK.

 11.  Click OK when back at the Protected EAP Properties window.


 12.   Click on the Advanced Settings button in the xavierwireless Wireless Network Properties window.


 13.   In the Advanced Settings window check the Specify Authentication Mode checkbox then click OK.


 14.   Select OK at the xavierwireless Wireless Network Properties window.


 15.   Click Close at the Manually connect to a wireless network window.

 16. Move the mouse cursor to the bottom right corner of the screen to show the side panel then select the Settings cog wheel.

 17.   Select the network icon from the Settings side panel.

 18.   Select “xavierwireless” from the displayed WiFi networks.

 19.   Click ConnectYou should be greeted by a Network Authentication window.

 21.   Enter your Xavier username and password then click OK.

 22.   If a successful connection is made the status will show “limited”. In a few seconds the status should change from "limited" to “Connected”.

 24.   Verify that you can browse to the internet by going to


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