Audio Refuses to Stream from Solstice Mac Client

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Audio refuses to stream from the Mac version of the Solstice client, despite the user having installed the audio driver when prompted.


Current versions of MacOS have a security feature called Gatekeeper, which is designed to prevent third-party extensions from loading without user intervention. Gatekeeper will therefore prevent the Solstice audio driver from loading, in most circumstances, until acted upon.


To resolve this issue:

  1. Go to  >> System Preferences >> Security & Privacy.
  2. In the General tab, look for a message at the bottom of the window stating “System software from developer Mersive was blocked from loading”, similar to the screenshot below:
  3.  Click Allow to load and use the Solstice audio extension.
  4. In the Solstice client, toggle the audio slider OFF and back ON again. Sound should begin to stream as expected.


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Tue 9/3/19 10:33 AM
Tue 9/3/19 12:28 PM