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This article describes basic operation of Zoom Rooms for hybrid learning.
This article describes the classroom refresh project for Summer 2019.
This article lists all the classrooms containing Zoom Rooms technology for hybrid learning.
Information about the 2018 Summer Classroom Refresh.
Information about the 2017 Summer Classroom Refresh.
Information about the 2016 Summer Classroom Refresh.
Frequent disconnects from Solstice are most likely caused by conservative power settings on the shared device.
This article lists available A/V equipment and guidelines for requesting it.
This article explains how to use a touchpanel to operate equipment in (most) classrooms.
This article describes the common A/V cables used in Xavier classrooms.
This article describes how to use the wired podium microphone in Kennedy Auditorium.
Classroom Technology can provide speakers for small to mid size classroom events. Larger venues will require equipment rental by the event organizer.