Computers, Peripherals, and Hardware

Desktops, laptops, printing and other computer hardware requests and issues

Categories (1)

Digital Signage

Report problems with digital signs, request changes to digital signs, etc.

Services (8)

Computer Hardware Issues

All computer-hardware related issues (i.e., computer, monitor, keyboard, mouse).

Laptop Loan Request

Request a loaner laptop for the semester or for a repair

Printing Issues

All printing-related issues from physical printer issues (jams, noises etc.), or issues with network print queues.

Add A Printer

Request a local or network computer be physically set up and/or configured on a computer.

Other Computer and Peripheral Issues

Computer and peripheral issues not falling into other listed categories.

Virus Issues

Issues with a computer system suspected to be virus-related.

New Employee Technology Request

Request technology setup and services for a new employee - computers, account access, and phone/voicemail.

Local Admin Access Request

Request administrative rights to a Macintosh or Windows-based computer.