My Recently Visited Services

Request a change to the Data Warehouse.

Issues related to classroom and meeting space technology.

Use this to request assistance if you are having trouble using the VidGrid rooms in Elet and Sycamore House after referencing the VidGrid for Psychology Students course.

Issues with specific web browsers such as Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Safari.

Computer and peripheral issues not falling into other listed categories.

Requests for IT-related recommendations or advice.

Request technology setup and services for a new employee - computers, account access, and phone/voicemail.

Request one or more local Canvas accounts. Local accounts should NOT be requested for those with existing Canvas accounts.

All other account and access issues not falling into the listed categories.

Project requests are used for the initiation of a service related project that involves software implementation or business process improvement. If you require the PPMO's assistance to review and implement a process or a system, please start here.

Requests or issues related to Adobe Reader or Adobe Acrobat Professional.

Digital Sign that is not working - black screen, cable TV snow, etc. You will need to be able to provide the name or location of the digital sign and to provide a description of what you are seeing, including any error messages.

Request access to shared folders on network drives.

Software and Application issues not falling into the other listed categories.

Request access to another mailbox, most commonly a departmental shared account.

Combine two or more Canvas course sections in the same term into a single course.

Requests and issues involving email/calendaring within Office 365 or the Outlook client.

Support using Qualtrics is provided directly by Qualtrics. Use this service to request the creation of or changes to a group within Qualtrics.

Request classroom/meeting space technology and/or training.

Issues and requests related to web (Zoom) and audio (Conference Now) conferencing.

Forgotten Xavier password or locked out account issues.

Wired and wireless connectivity requests and issues.

Have IT help you change the way existing software/technologies work.

Issues related to seeing courses, course design, pedagogical concerns, etc.

Issues related to accessing or using the voicemail system.