My Recently Visited Services

Request a local or network computer be physically set up and/or configured on a computer.

Requests or issues related to Adobe Reader or Adobe Acrobat Professional.

Wired and wireless connectivity requests and issues.

Have IT help you change the way existing software/technologies work.

Forgotten Xavier password or locked out account issues.

Request access to shared folders on network drives.

Requests or issues related to AdAstra Schedule

Request special accounts for individuals that are not faculty, staff, or students.

Issues with a computer system suspected to be virus-related.

Request networking of gaming consoles, Apple TVs, and other household/consumer devices that do not support WPA2-Enterprise (802.1x) wireless security.

Digital sign is working but displaying the wrong content. You will need to know the name or location of the digital sign and be able to describe what are are seeing versus what your should be seeing.

Request a generic email address to be used for a department, club, committee, or other purpose.

Combine two or more Canvas course sections in the same term into a single course.

Request technology setup and services for a new employee - computers, account access, and phone/voicemail.

Network connectivity requests and issues not falling into the other listed categories.

Request administrative rights to a Macintosh or Windows-based computer.

Request access to another mailbox, most commonly a departmental shared account.

Issues related to the use of the Employee or Student Hub.

Request changes to display names, line buttons, voicemail or other setup-related items.

Project requests are used for the initiation of a service related project that involves software implementation or business process improvement. If you require the PPMO's assistance to review and implement a process or a system, please start here.

Submit your idea for a business process improvement by entering a ticket here. This suggestion box is specific to the Business Operations Group.

Issues related to accessing or using the voicemail system.

Issues related to Microsoft's Office suite: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, Visio, Project, OneNote and Publisher.

For all issues regarding Outlook, please submit tickets using "Email and Calendaring".

Software and Application issues not falling into the other listed categories.

Issues related to seeing courses, course design, pedagogical concerns, etc.