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Combine two or more Canvas course sections in the same term into a single course.

This service is for digital sign managers who would like to see new content made available for a digital sign. Some standard requests are: adding content to or modifying content in existing setups, requesting new drop folders, requesting new RSS feeds and requesting new calendars. Other types of content may be possible, pending further discussions. You will need to describe the content your would like to add/change with as much detail as possible. You may attach a file if that helps.

Digital sign is working but displaying the wrong content. You will need to know the name or location of the digital sign and be able to describe what are are seeing versus what your should be seeing.

Request access to shared folders on network drives.

Request one or more local Canvas accounts. Local accounts should NOT be requested for those with existing Canvas accounts.

Software and Application issues not falling into the other listed categories.

Support using Qualtrics is provided directly by Qualtrics. Use this service to request the creation of or changes to a group within Qualtrics.

Request technology setup and services for a new employee - computers, account access, and phone/voicemail.

Have IT help you change the way existing software/technologies work.

Request a local or network computer be physically set up and/or configured on a computer.

Request administrative rights to a Macintosh or Windows-based computer.

Issues related to the use of the Employee or Student Hub.

All printing-related issues from physical printer issues (jams, noises etc.), or issues with network print queues.

Request networking of gaming consoles, Apple TVs, and other household/consumer devices that do not support WPA2-Enterprise (802.1x) wireless security.

Request restoration of deleted/missing files or folders on network drives.

Network connectivity requests and issues not falling into the other listed categories.

Issues relating to accessing files/folders on network drives/shares (Q:\, R:\, T:\, X:\, V:\).

All other account and access issues not falling into the listed categories.

Request classroom/meeting space technology and/or training.

Request access to Ilos for a Student Therapist working in Psychological Services.

Request Creator access within Ilos Video System for those who have Viewer access.  This would include students (who default to Viewer access) and could include new faculty and staff (who may not have yet been given Creator access).  If you are requesting Creator access for one or more students, please note why it is needed.  If you want all students in a class to have Creator access, you can just note the Canvas Course ID.

Request changes to an existing SharePoint site on Xavier University's SharePoint Online.

Issues with a computer system suspected to be virus-related.

Issues related to classroom and meeting space technology.

Issues and requests related to web (Zoom) and audio (MeetingPlace) conferencing.