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Pinned Article 2019 Summer Classroom Refresh Information

This article describes the classroom refresh project for Summer 2019.

Pinned Article A/V Cable Connections

This article describes the common A/V cables used in Xavier classrooms.

Pinned Article Classroom Equipment Request Guidelines

This article lists available A/V equipment and guidelines for requesting it.

Pinned Article Mirroring Computer Displays with Classroom AV Systems

PC and Mac desktops can be duplicated so that content is mirrored by the classroom projection systems.

2016 Summer Classroom Refresh Information

Information about the 2016 Summer Classroom Refresh.

2017 Summer Classroom Refresh Information

Information about the 2017 Summer Classroom Refresh.

2018 Summer Classroom Refresh Information

Information about the 2018 Summer Classroom Refresh.

Deleting Content in ilos

This article demonstrates how to delete iLos video content.

Faculty's Brief Guide to Videoconferencing (Cisco-based) Sessions

This article outlines how nursing faculty can videoconference in designated classroom spaces.

Missing Screen Sharing Button in Zoom

The screen sharing feature in Zoom may be missing if the preference is turned off in your Zoom profile.

Reserving Computer Labs for Classroom Use

Classrooms can be reserved via the Registrar's office.

Solstice-enabled Rooms at Xavier

This article lists which buildings and rooms are equipped with Solstice wireless display.

Speaker/Amplification Options for Events

Classroom Technology can provide speakers for small to mid size classroom events. Larger venues will require equipment rental by the event organizer.

Using Solstice for Moderated Sessions

Solstice sessions can be set to control who can control or connect to a session is in progress.

Using the Wired Podium Microphone in Kennedy Auditorium

This article describes how to use the wired podium microphone in Kennedy Auditorium.

VHS Retirement and Alternatives

VHS is a legacy technology no longer supported at Xavier.